A Terrazzo floor consists of various sizes and colours of marble or glass chips mixed with portland cement or epoxy. The desired mix is set in place and trowel finished.

The following day once the mix has dried, the Terrazzo floor is then ready for the wet grinding process. Once the grinding process is completed the new Terrazzo floor is ready for the protective sealer.

The existing Terrazzo surfaces found in many buildings throughout southern Ontario have already provided decades of dependable and appealing solid surface flooring solutions. The Terrazzo floors, Terrazzo Cove baseboard and even Terrazzo walls found in these buildings can be repaired and restored to their original luster.

Zita Terrazzo & Tile has extensive experience in the repair and restoration of existing Terrazzo floors. We are often able to recreate the artistry that was originally manifest by the original master installers.

The result is a new Terrazzo floor that is comparatively close in appearance to the original.

Want to know if the Terrazzo floor at your Project/ Building can be repaired? Please send a picture and we will be happy to find a solution to your needs.

Every project is unique and must be priced individually.
Absolutely. Most architects & project managers insist on terrazzo floors & cove baseboard to be reinstalled when disturbed or removed during the renovation process.

We often receive calls from dissatisfied building owners and managers who request that we remove the concrete that had been poured in the place of terrazzo, and install a new terrazzo floor.
Most repairs must be done over a 3 day period.

Day 1: Existing terrazzo removal & area preparation.
Day 2: Pour new terrazzo.
Day 3: Grind and seal terrazzo.

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